Follow this guide to activate E-invoice for Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus. This guide is made for Nordea online bank and there could be some differences between online banks. Please contact your banks customer service for more help.

  1. Open online web bank with your log-in information
  2. Go to E-invoice
  3. Select “New biller”
  4. Write to the search bar “KM Sport Consultant Oy”
  5. Select “order E-invoice”
  6. Summary page opens
  7. System asks your reference number, it is 123
  8. Fill in your social security number (only work with Finnish social security numbers)
  9. Select OK
  10. Check that the information is correct and select Accept
  • Check from the summary page that the information is correct, fill in the confirmation ID and confirm.
  • E-invoice for Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus will come to your online bank in about 14 days before the due date.
  • E-invoice activation will take 1-3 weekdays depending on the bank.
  • We recommend that you activate the E-invoice within 3 days after you join our gym.
  • If you do not activate your E-invoice, we can not send you your membership invoice. In this case the invoice will remain unpaid and you will receive payment reminder with extra costs.
  • If you do not want to activate E-invoice, you will receive a normal letter invoice to your address with additional 5 euros. E-invoice does not have additional costs.
  • You can change the E-invoice settings at any time in your web bank.